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Yay, I kinda like those pics... Shall I col them? Nope, probably not :D

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Woah.... This song's so sweet.... Ah, miss the L Word... T__T' *sobs*
21.3.07 19:27


Just listening to Peaches after a long time of hating this band (!?) o.ö Gotta say it's pretty... Nice though! Rly it is... Dunno why I didnt listen to it for so long... K, maybe cause most of the songs consist of 2sentences o.Ö'' But who cares.
I dont have to make the choice, I like girls and I like boys~ *sings*
Gotta finish some pics for some of my friends now... They're allready waiting for too long now... But I gotta learn some Maths too... Shit, I dont wanna............

Yeah, yeah, yeah~ *sings again*

Shit, Kay knows who I'm into :< now he can extort me, what the hell Q_Q"

Shake ya tits, shake ya tits~ *sings again* Oh damn, nice texts girl, rly <3~

Rly, if u ever have time go and listen to Peaches, this musik makes ya happey :DDD
21.3.07 19:16

Buy friends!

Guess I need some friends my girlfriend likes caus if it stays the way it is now we gonna brake up again sooooooon~

I'm so fucking tired, damn! And soooooooo borrrrrred~ Guess I'll go and sleep for a while now... But I've gotta learn... Shit... I hate school... And life... And boys~ Haha

Oh yeah, I know what I'm gonna do :D New layout would be fine <3~ Buuuuuuut.... Dont wanna make one... Too tired. Shit.
Well.... so... erm... yeah.

15.3.07 11:59


kate kate kate kate kate kate kate kate kate kate kate kate kate kate kate kate!!!!!!

I simply adore her!~ Wuha!
14.3.07 22:09

Just bored and bloggin again~

Yay, just hit it once and you'll see... that i'm bored and sniffing at those sites :< woah, awefull...
Weeeeeeeeell... Totally gay to be bored like this... And my dad's just... argh!! This... WOAH... Sorrey... But...

Gotta learn some Maths I guess, maybe that'll be fun, haha o.Ö
14.3.07 20:52

Shaving ur u-know-what can be dangerous though

Just came out of the bathroom when I had to notice an awefull pain down my female u-know-what TT____TT' see title above and guess why q.q"

Yeah i'm writing shit again as u can see clearlyyyyyyyyyyyy Q_Q!!
"Don't think just drink" seems to be not the best solution every day :'D hehe...
And by the way, guess what happened...!? We faught again, me and Sarah... And I still don't know if there's a relationship anymore o not o,O' poor cat...

And I had to wash my hair with dads shampoo... And it sucks... It smells so... wuaaaaagh.... U know? But only 2hours of math and 2hours of english tomorrow so my mates will barely smell it anyways ^-^ "Cat, u smell like menshampoo o.O" yay, and afterwards I write a song called "Smells like MenShampoo" =D

And yay *___* Fabiiiii i luv ya <3
He's so fucking cute!! Hrrhrr... grrrrrr... <3
Talking shit everyday just like me... I'm lucky we're only writing yet, if not I'd had a problem with the swizz german strange language xD

Btw, life's so mean ._. just wanted to admit that q.q"

And yay my english suxx but I actually don't really care ^-^

Mh what else can I say... Nothin, mh? Hey, I've lost 2kilos weight =D (after about 5days of eating barely nothin.... *hungry*) Only 13 to go until I reached my dream weight Q_Q!!

So, now there's really nuthin left to saiiiiiiiiii ^-^ *speakin like Sayid from Lost* xD' I luv his voice and the way he pronounces the words <3
1.11.06 21:33

So kiss me...

Omfg, I simply love this vid and I always have to cry when I see it... And I'm seeing it 24/7 TT_______TT
I hate breaking up... Especially when I still love the person.... I just fucking don't do relationships ._.'
Well, no pain no gain, right?
So hope the best for me... It's like aother episode of LWo... Yay, I should write the script for this shit >.> seriously...

And now my moms fucking up again, so I need to go and die (hopefully)...
31.10.06 14:05

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