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Is she? Or not?
Everytime I look at a pic of her I completely forget everything around me and just stare xD
Who cares...

My bunny will die soon maybe ;__;'' Haha, so we now what we're going to eat the day after she did Q_Q"

Mh... I'm bored... And my neck hurts... And my head aches... But who cares...

School on monday again... SCHOOL!! I hate it...
Dunno but... Thinkin bout this and that lately and not coming to a point and always starting to think again... It's an endless road I'm on right now... And I kinda cand handle it right now.... And I think "Shit, noone cares, so you dont have to care, too!"

Who cares xD
5.5.07 19:43

Wah wah wah la la la~ Or something like that~!!

I'll ask you if you would like to dance
Slip myself up close to your thighs
You can buy me a drink, we'll make everyone think
That love is so damned perfect tonight

Oh kiss me, kiss me, kiss everything away
oh honey now kiss me, kiss me, kiss me.
come out and play

Melissa Etheridge rocks q.q~!! I tell you... She does >___<''
Nothing to do, lalalalalala~ *sings*

Gotta get some stuff for school soon cause i've gotta go to school on monday again q,q" Oh god, my dearest lord, make me ill again xD
3.5.07 17:51


GET IT -.- And shut the fuck up!
2.5.07 22:24


I drew this pic some days or weeks ago and finished with the colo today... I luv it cause it's got a lot to say ^^ And noone will ever know everything what it says ._.
I love you, tralalala xD
Click <3

Mh... Well... I will... Dunno ^^ Go to bed... Or something else... Let's see...
30.4.07 21:26


How the hell could I spend 20m on Ragnarok yesterday without knowing what I bought now?! Shit o__O''
Weeeeeeeeeeeeell.... Misses2 wrote me yesterday so I am happy again =D Well... Only something like How are you? Oh, tired? Well, good night and sweet dreams then =D But who cares, she wrote and that's the matter ^___^

And now I'm thinking about moving to Australia again... But this fucking sucking spiders down there are so... spiderous Q_Q"
I could move to America... But there's so many fastfood... I'd go like becoming fatter and fatter than I am already now q.q" Right now after the hospital stay I look like I'm pregnant o.o! Hehehehe... Who knows? x'D

Now I'll go and work on the picture for Maria... She doesn't even know I'm drawing something for her, kihihihi... *laughs kinda cute and ebil*

And now I forgot what to write about q,q"

Who cares ^___^

Stay different~
30.4.07 10:57


Yay T___T Back from this fuckin hospital again... And it hurts q.Q everything hurts...
My head aches because the music is too loud, my stomach hurts because of this fucking doctors who thought they'd have to cut it (which was false in the end...) and is now blue and red and all... Bwahh... Disgusting...!!
My heart aches because of... Yay *_______* Misses!!! I dreamed about her xD hehe... 18+ dreams rule :<
My face hurts because of smiling all the time while thinking about misses1 and misses2 who didnt talk to me for a while which makes me pretty sad =/ I hope she isn't upset cause I didn't write or call her like I said the "famous next day"...... I'm such a bitch, I know...
And now she's upset and not writing or calling anymore and i'm like "shiiiiiiiiit! Now I've gotta stay with 'her'... Mh... K... Let's act like I still love her..." and this feeling sucks because i know it's not true and I wanna go outside and smoke but i mustn't cause the wounds are hurting and I can't walk... I couldn't even fuck right know... Shit...
And after all there's the thought about her cheating on me... I mean... I do so too... But... I never say something like "Ah hahaha, I'm going to sleep at my ex-girlfriend's tonight and she's sooooooooo cute and nice and i wanted to fuck her cause u've been such a bitch on new years eve but i'd NEEEEEEEEEEEEVER do it, u know i love u honey... hahahaha"

But she does. And it sucks >__>

Well who cares.

Stay different
29.4.07 22:38

Yay, finally FrEe~

It's weeeeeeeeeekend!!! YAY!

Last two lessons Russian Class, I hate it! It's so fucking boring, and no ones knows what the teacher's telling at the board in front of us... Okay, she's kinda hawt *sings* but... Talking russian makes her weird and soooooo unsexy ;< Oh shit I like older women... Bad girl :< *hits herself*
well... Snow is falling, all around me, children playing, having fun... It's the season, love and understanding, merry spring~ everyone *sings* xD lalalala... I thought it'd be a little warmer the next days but suddenly it's su damn cold I could barely walk to the busstation this morning :< I hate SnOw!!
Tomorrow I'm going to go out on a date~ Muah, how awesome >_>'' Don't wanna go there... But it seems like I've gotta go...

23.3.07 17:35

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