Bullets Gratis bloggen bei

Gender: Female I guess
Orientation: Gay
Situation: In a relationship (for more than a year, wow)

Age: 16 and a half <3
Birthday: 10th July
Name: Who cares?

Loves: Music, long hair at guys, gay guys, bisexual guys kissing gay guys, gay guys kissing gay guys, emo guys kissing gay guys, emo guys kissing emo guys, guys kissing guys, girls, tits <3, girls, my mice, my mobile, my computer, drawing, dreaming, writing, words ending with -sm (just like orgasm ;D)

Hates: School, cars, Mandy, Kathi, this annoying friend of Chris', forgetting to write this blog, hip-hop, discrimination, racism, terrorism, sozial studies with Mr. Zeidler this annoying freak, Tokio Hotel.... They're even worse than Hip-hop!

'Bout me: I dunno why I'm writing this shit in English but I do so who cares... I don't even know how to speak English... I don't even have special grammar skills... I'm not good in English... But I do write this shit, and who cares... No one reads it anyways and I'm bored... So I can write this shit in English though :DD
Oh, yeah, and and I luv black dyed hair, so I've got my hair dyed and now it is dyed and it will stay dyed!! YAY! AWESOME!!!!

well, guess that's enough 'bout me, myself and I...

Last words: Shut the fuck up and take a rest, noob!

[I'd end my days with you in a hail of bullets.]


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